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Feb. 2017: Seoul, South Korea
Jan. 2017: Portraits of 2016
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Dec. 2016: Added Guizhou, China Minority Groups
October 2016: Added 1.5 trip to Seoul, South Korea
March 2016: Added Northern Vietnam
Jan. 2016: Added Tibet Landscape
Jan. 2016: Added Portraits of 2015 and Tibet Monasteries and Culture
Dec. 2015: People of Tibet
August, 2015: Adding several galleries for PNG trip
June 21, 2015: Added Weekend to Yobyakarta, Borodudur, Pambanan
March 15, 2015: Holi Day in Jaipur, India
Jan 31, 2015: Added Weekend in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Dec 28, 2014: Added trip to Tiger Balm Gardens to Singapore Gallery
Dec 24, 2014: Added Marina Bay Christmas Gallery
Nov. 29, 2014: Added 2006 trip to Marquesas Islands
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July 27, 2014: Graffiti of Melbourne
June 3, 2014: Added Japan Spring Trip
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May 21: Added trip to Komodo and Flores islands in Indonesia.
Thoughout this gallery are images that I have taken over the past 5 years while experiencing the worlds vast sights and cultures. I consider myself a "minimalist" photographer with just carrying 2 Canon bodies each attached to a lens (24-105mm and 100-400mm). I use natural lighting almost at all times and infrequently use tripods. I enjoy panorama and HDR photography, sometimes even together. My philosophy is simple: Travel photography to provide the viewer a glimpse of this world. Hopefully you will enjoy seeing what I see through my eyes! Richard Schoettger (email: ctheworldnow@earthlink.net)

Minority Groups of Guizhou, China

The Majesty of China

My Favorites

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